"Click On Start" - Eoin Boyle

I had never heard of Eoin Boyle before 2 months ago I think. He was performing at a wedding in the hotel where I work, walking around with his badass cane like he's Hugh Laurie on House (rockin' the look) and he had free copies of his debut CD "Click On Start" at the front desk the next morning. New music? Uhh, yes please.

Eoin Boyle is a singer/songwriter from Dublin. Oi, OI! Get your cursor away from that X button. I know I said singer/songwriter but this guy isn't you're usual run of the mill nobody with a guitar who thinks they can play, write lyrics and just belt them out. No, no. This guy CAN play, he sure as hell writes damn GOOD lyrics and has a fantasticly clear, distinct-with-a-hint-of-rough-sided voice. But that's not all. No. There's piano, harmonica, percussion, strings and even a motherf**kin organ in there.

1. "Sister"
2. "Best For Her"
3. "Home"
4. "Change"
5. "Minnesota Love"
6. "People In Demand"
7. "Blood Runs Thicker"
8. "Australia"
9. "All 4 U"
10. "St. Brigid"

The first track is "Sister". It's a good, strong icebreaker of a tune. There's a certain confidence oozing out of it in the simple piano/guitar melody. Quick on it's heels is the song "Best For Her", a bouncy, cheery song with a bit of a hurdy-gurdy feel to it. Because of the addition of the banjo in there, I can only describe this as a daisy-picker of a tune. If you listen to it, you'll know exactly what I mean.
At this point now, the album takes an emtional right turn in "Home", with it's solemn melody and nostalgic lyrics but with an absolutly uplifting chorus. The piano and the strings simply add to the feel. "Change" is an easy going song, tinged with a hint of sadness and regret with a rhythm that makes it akin to "Sister" if slightly simplified. Eoin subtly introduces the synthesizer around the halfway mark. Although clearly noticable, it is in no way intrusive but when it comes in, it sounds as though it was always meant to be there.
"Minnesota Love" is a simple song. Simple, nothing fancy but it works. It's all too easy, however, to lose yourself in the world painted around you by his artfully simple lyricism. Following "Minnesota Love" is "People in Demand". Once again, nothing fancy but this is one of my favourite tracks on the album. There's a nice return of the harmonica, a gentle dominance of the piano and the afformentioned organ almost unnoticably comes in, like a late straggler at mass who shows up, slots in with the rest of the men standing at the back and chants along the prayers like he was always there.
"Blood Runs Thicker" is a gentle deceleration of pace. A sincere song, laced with a hint of melancholic lamenting, featuring more of that humble harmoinca playing we've grown to love at this stage in the album. "Australia" is a beautiful, soft song of a departed love. The sincerity and emotion in Eoin's music is at it's stongest in this track.
A  much welcome change of scene comes in with "All 4 U". This is much more upbeat song with nice user of that synthesizer again and the overdubbed chorus's towards the end really pick the song up.
To finish off the album, we're brought to "St. Brigid". This is very much in the same vein as "Australia" which leaves the listener emotionally satisfied. There's also a beautiful little guitar ditty at the end to bring the whole thing to a close.

This album is certainly a work of art.  "Click On Start" is a tender yet confident collection of songs which explore change, lamenting, memories, nostalgia, hopes and fears. And speaking of "Hopes And Fears", if you were in any way a fan of Keane's debut album, you'll love this.

Song Highlights
"Minnesota Love"
"People In Demand"

This the album "Click On Start" on iTunes. Well worth the money.

Doctor's Rating: 10/10 

"Click On Start" - Recommended by the Good Doctor

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