"Walls of Magic" - Black Eagle Charm

"Black Eagle Charm are an exciting new Dublin band on the Irish Music Scene. Having formed in the Summer of 2007, the band have excited fans in venues all over Dublin. Having appeared on the IMRO New Sounds Stage at Oxegen ’08, they are now promoting their long awaited EP ‘Walls of Magic’. Best described as combining Ripping Riffs, keyboarding bass, haunting vocals and skilled drums, Black Eagle Charm are on the rise." 

This is what their MySpace page will lead you to believe.

And dya know what? It aint too wrong.

1. Soul So Fine
2. Walls of Magic
3. Hole In The Moon

For an EP or a demo or whatever ya wanna call it, it's a nifty little record. "Soul So Fine" is a good, strong opener. Couldn't ask for anything better. There really is this sense of a kind of blues influence that's not hard-rock orientated. This comes out in "Soul So Fine" and this song rears it's hard-rock head with that sharp, on-the-ball lead guitar and fat riff over the top.

The title track, "Walls of Magic" is a lot more laid back. In fact, I'm dissapointed to be honest. It's a wee bit longer than the previous song but it seems like a short little doodle on the Picasso of this record (I can sound like an arsehole whenever I want and I shall now exercise that right). It doesn't really progress anywhere...to hell with it, I thought it was shite. There, I said it.

"Hole In The Moon" is a feckin quality choon! With an opening riff like that, it'll cut the bollox off ya if you're not careful. Or maybe not, yno, being just music. But still, it's a bleedin step up from that little middle track! Kinda in the same vein as "Soul So Fine", "Hole In The Moon" is an awesome choon. Ya have ta hear it to get a proper feel for it. When I can think of a band to compare it to, I will. Until then, just go listen.

Listen to what? This is a link to their MySpace page which has all of their info and you can listen to their tunes there (among loads others).

Seeing as how there's only three tracks on this record, no song highlights like I did in previous reviews but as a rating out of ten...

Doctor's Rating: 7/10

"Walls of Magic" - Recommended by the Good Doctor

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  1. Yo dude check out the new version of walls of magic on our myspace, i felt the same way as you about the middle track hahahaha

    This is Jamie aka Docs of Black eagle charm